January 31, 2015

Super (Bento) Bowl

In anticipation of the Seahawks appearance at Superbowl 49, I decided to make a Hawks themed bento for lunch. I think the bento ended up being pretty cute, but I need to learn how to make tastier bentos. I got tired of eating blue rice after a few bites...

To make the football, I hardboiled an egg, peeled it, and used this recipe to color and season it. Turns out hard boiled eggs make pretty nice footballs! The laces were made from tiny slices of provolone. Kale and broccoli salad lent green hues and nutrients to the meal while celery sticks separated the salad from the rice.

Since there aren't too many blue foods to begin with (let alone in season!) I opted for AmeriColor food coloring in Sky Blue to dye the rice Seahawks blue. I mixed in gomashio sprinkles to give the plain rice some flavor. The 12 was cut out of more provolone and backed with seaweed to look like the 12th man flags that are all over town these days. 

Go Hawks!